Cheap Hosting Vs Premium Hosting
Web Hosting Tutorials by Eddie Cheng

Being in this business for more than a decade, we have met many different business owners and their requirements. Our services are always used to compare against another cheaper hosting company out there. At ValueHosting we always believe in Quality over Quantity concept and that is what keep us going for more than a decade.

Below are some key factors to look out for when selecting a web hosting company.

  • When a service is too cheap to be true, there must be a reason for this. Overloading is a common practice in cheap and unrealiable web hosting environment that squeeze as many users as possible in a server.
  • First you need to know where most of your visitors will be, If you have a local business in Singapore, its always better to sign up for a Singapore based web hosting services instead of US based servers. You can do a ping to check the latency . Below 150ms is a good benchmark for web hosting.
  • Dont be fool by low monthly fee and get surprises with 3 yrs prepay payment plan. When their services goes bad, they wont return your money.
  • Find web hosting company that manages their own network.
  • Use branded web hosting panels like Cpanel,Directadmin and Plesk as they are tested and proved for many years
  • Make sure that support is local and have dedicated manpower to assist you when you need help.


At ValueHosting we are transparent and we are constantly improving our network and infrastructure to have a common goal to achieve the best infrastructure in the world to bring business ahead of competitions.

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